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If you would like to ask any questions, book a Caesarean antenatal course, enquire about my IBCLC breastfeeding support services or join a waiting list for any of the fully booked sessions or courses, please fill out the form or email

If you have any problems booking online or would like to request urgent breastfeeding support, please phone 07579 825552 or send me a message/WhatsApp and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


I look forward to hearing from you soon, Andrea x

  • When should I start antenatal classes?
    We recommend starting the antenatal course when you are between 26 and 33 weeks pregnant. Although it is a good idea to book onto the course in advance in order to guarantee your place.
  • I’m going to be less than 26 weeks pregnant at the beginning of one course but more than 33 weeks at the beginning of the next course. Which one should I book onto?
    If this is the case, we suggest booking onto the earlier course to ensure that you manage to finish the course before your baby arrives.
  • Do you encourage the course participants to stay in touch after the course finishes?
    Yes! We create a WhatsApp group and encourage the participants to talk to each other and stay in touch when the course ends. It can be invaluable to have a support network of other mums and dads who are going through similar experiences at similar times (joining the group is of course voluntary, we will ask whether you wish to be added into the group before the course starts and you can change your mind at any time).
  • Is it worth paying for an antenatal course if there are some free courses available online?
    You might have found some free (or cheap) antenatal courses online. While it definitely doesn’t hurt to watch them, more often than not you will find that they are very basic. And while some people might be happy with basic information, if you want to truly prepare for labour, birth and what to expect after your baby has been born, you will find that live classes led by a knowledgeable professional are much more superior to the free or pre-recorded ones available online. They offer more in-depth information, you will be able to ask questions as and when you think of them, and if you sign up to antenatal classes led by your local midwife who knows the local hospital and its guidelines and procedures, you will get the most up to date information which is relevant to the area where you live and where you will be having your baby.
  • Where in Norfolk can I attend your antenatal classes?
    Our antenatal classes currently take place at the Fairland Hall in Wymondham, Norfolk.
  • Should my birthing partner attend the course with me?
    We strongly recommend that your partner or birthing partner attends the course with you if possible. This will help them to understand what you will be going through during labour and birth and how to best support you. Also, during our infant feeding and baby care sessions they will learn how to support you in whichever way you choose to feed your baby, as well as learn how to look after your new baby, change nappies, bath and dress your baby and even use a sling!
  • Can I attend your antenatal courses alone?
    Of course you can! If you do not have a partner or your partner works away or can’t make it to some of the sessions, you are welcome to attend on your own, or if you prefer, you can bring a friend, parent or anyone else with you.
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